Welcome to Ether Real Estate

Ether Real Estate, LLC is real estate brokerage done right- real estate brokerage as it should be. Educated, knowledgeable real estate professionals providing quality service, quality analysis, and a one stop shop for all our clients' needs- from legal services, to title insurance services, to construction/renovation/repair services, to property management/concierge services. We are able to offer one convenient group of professionals to handle all your transactional needs from beginning to end, to take the stress out of buying and selling real estate, and to take the hassle out of those aspects of the transaction that the client does not wish to be involved in.

Showing by land? Of course. Showings by water? Absolutely! Why not show and sell waterfront homes from one of the most important selling points of those homes- the water?

Photoluminescent yard signs- we have them, because Ether does not stop selling just because the sun goes down.

Your real estate team should not start and stop at a broker closing a transaction, taking commission, and moving on to the next client. Instead, a relationship with a team that will guide, assist, and champion your needs for your current transactions, and future transactions, that you can count on is what real estate should be about. Ether will guide and advise you in connection with valuation needs, financing questions, Florida real estate tax / homestead filings and portability, and be with you for every aspect of your real estate needs.

Need a lawyer? We've got it covered in-house. Need a title company? We've got it covered in-house. Need construction services? We've got it covered in-house. Need someone to set up and monitor your pool service, alarm service, landscaping, housekeeping? We've got it covered in-house. Need someone to be on your team before, during and continuing on after closing? That's us. Call us today and let Ether know how we can help you.