Staging and interior design services offered as part of our South Florida real estate brokerage for residential house and condo sales and commercial and investment transactions

Interior Design and Staging are critical elements to the marketing and sale of residential, commercial, and investment properties, or for harmonious living in residences and revenue generation in commercial settings.

For buyers, existing homeowners, or exisitng commercial property owners, interior design or redesign can provide a fresh and exciting (or zen and relaxing) feel to your home or space that you might not expect. Commercial venues with the right ambiance generate more revenue and entice patrons to stay longer.

Staging is a critical tool in selling your property. Whether you have vacated your sales property, or are currently occupying, staging can help yoru property sell sooner and for a higher price. Potential buyers will have a better sense of the space, of style, of the charm that your property has if it is staged to highlight the best features, and minimize the least favorable features.

The Ether team is ready to assist you with designing, redesigning, and staging your existing or future property. Call us today and let us know how we can help.