Real Estate Brokerage with professional offering financial underwriting and analysis for purchases and sales of residential and commercial properties in South Florida

Ether is able to provide financial anylsis and modeling for commercial and investment properties, and development projects, including cost analysis and cost savings proposals for construction projects from residential single family homes to complex multifamily, office and retail projects. Our professional team can help you develop a financial model to determine return on investment, base case and best case scenarios for purchases and developments, and otherwise determine the optimal pricing for your transaction to ensure you are doing all you can to maximize your gain on your investment, or that you are being as cost and price efficient as possible with your residence.

The Ether team already has detailed models for many different asset classes developed and ready to input assumptions to provide fast analysis for you. Or, we can develop a proprietary model just for the specifics of your purchase/investment/development project.

Please contact your Ether team today so that we can assist you in your analysis and provide you with the financial models and analysis that will guide your pricing negotiations and decisions on where, when, and what to purchase or invest in.